Change your space, improve your life!

About Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) literally means “wind and water” and referred to the ideal placement of a building on a piece of land in ancient China.  The best (or most auspicious) location was below the damaging winds of the mountains and above the floodplain of the waterways.   Today, it is best described as the art & science of purposefully arranging your environment to gain positive results.   It is not meant to challenge or replace anyone’s religious values or ideas.  There is a spiritual component which can be used, but it is not necessary, in order to benefit from feng shui.   The goal is to keep positive energy (or ch’i) circulating to create a positive environment in which to live.  Anyone reading this want more positive energy circulating around them right now?

Feng shui is based on 3 core beliefs:

1.  Everything is made up of energy

2.  Everything is connected

3.  Everything is constantly changing

Everything is made up of energy – Everything in this universe is comprised of vibrating molecules – from solid forms such as trees, rocks and humans, to liquids, to the air we breathe.  This energy can be slow or active (now I know why I had to learn all of this science stuff in school).   A stagnant pond has a different energy and feeling to it than white water rapids.   A cluttered room has a different energy than an empty room.  The color black carries a different energy than the color yellow.

Everything is connected – Nothing survives on its own.  Our planet is a great example.  We cannot survive without her support.  We may be on the top of the food chain, but we depend on the food chain all the way down to the earthworms.  As the health of the Earth goes, so go we!  As another example, I am sitting in a chair while I type this.  I am depending on this chair to support my weight and keep me secure.  The chair is being supported by the floor beneath so I am also dependent on the floor supporting both of us.

Everything is constantly changing –  We are wired to move forward.  Our tastes and opinions change as we learn more.  Our bodies definitely change as we age.  No matter how hard we try, we cannot stand still and stop the forward motion. Unfortunately, sometimes we get stuck wanting to live in the past.  When significant things happen in our lives,  it sometimes helps to change the energy in our homes to better support us in these life changes.  Life is about adapting to changes and learning from them, even though you may kick and scream as you do!

A feng shui exercise to try:

It’s a good idea to use a lined spiral notebook to keep track of your feng shui exercises.  You can use it as a reference for improving your home’s energy.

Spend some alone time in each room in your home.  Can you tell what kind of energy it is projecting?  Do you enjoy being in the room, or do you want to walk out as soon as possible?  Is it a room you spend time in regularly?  If not, why not?  It may be that the room carries stagnant energy.  Jot down any thoughts or a-ha’s you may have.

You are on your way to looking at your spaces “through feng shui eyes”.

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