Change your space, improve your life!


When I first began studying Feng Shui, one of the first basic rules I learned was:  Everything is energy.   

This rule brought me back to my college days in Chemistry class, many, many moons ago.  The condensed version of what I learned:  Everything surrounding us, seen and unseen, is a combination of molecules made up of vibrating atom particles.  These molecules vibrate at certain frequencies – the slower the vibration of  molecules, the more solid and heavy the mass – the higher the vibration, the lighter the mass.  This includes light and sound waves (what we see and hear), and even our thoughts.   

What does this mean to us in terms of improving the quality of life?  Plenty! It means that everything around us is alive with energy, and therefore sends out a vibration that we can see, hear, smell, taste or feel.  The challenge for us is to pay attention to how we are responding to that vibration.  Does it make us feel good, bad or indifferent?  What was pleasant a few months, or even years, ago may not be true now.   What is a positive affirmation for one person may bring feelings of unhappiness to another.  It is all about personal choices, which is a good thing.  Can you imagine how boring life would be if all we saw were the same colored houses with identical cars parked in every driveway?

Feng Shui’s goal is to create balance and harmony in our spaces so we can live better.  Balancing the energy of a space means changing its vibration to support you.  

Clutter creates a very low vibration.  The energy of clutter feels heavy and stagnant.  Spending too much time in a cluttered space will cause your own vibration to drop and become lethargic, even to the point of depression.   That is why Feng Shui practitioners talk so much about de-cluttering spaces before changing anything else. You will be amazed at the energy shift just from performing this one activity!

Change your thoughts to improve the energy surrounding you.   Negative thoughts = lower vibration, Positive thoughts = higher vibration!

Changing your focus from what isn’t working in your life to what you appreciate about your life raises your vibration and improves your outlook.  Imagine if you did this right before your clutter cleared or re-decorated a room.  Your positive vibration will be imbued into that space and raise the overall feel of that room.  Creating vision or dream boards, or decorating with photos and artwork that send you positive vibrations are quick ways to raise the vibration of a space as well.

The energy you surround yourself with is what you tend to vibrate back into the world. The point is to live with what you love and love what you live with.  This also applies to people, but that’s a whole other topic for another day!



Comments on: "Your Vibration Does Matter" (8)

  1. This is so true. I love walking through my house when it is clutter free. It raised my vibration and makes me smile. Not so when it’s cluttered. I’ve got to do some de-cluttering of my children’s spaces.

    • Getting the kids involved, by letting them sell or donate their toys so other children can enjoy them, is a great opportunity to teach them about blessing and letting things go as well. Thank you for sharing!

      • Good point. I’ve done this before to huge success. However, lately they don’t want to let go. We are packing toys up in boxes and putting in the attic. I’m hoping that in a few months, when they haven’t missed items, they will be ready to release them.

      • You have the right idea, but, I also wonder why they are feeling so reluctant to let go now when they weren’t before. Have you asked them? You may find out something you weren’t expecting. Kids tend to be quite logical in their thinking.

        I remember, when my son was in elementary school, he was adamant about keeping all of his Z-bot figurines and Lego sets. After many ‘discussions’ about how he doesn’t play with them anymore and they were taking up space in his small bedroom, he finally told me that he loved them so much and wanted to save them for his kids when he grew up. That was unexpected! And those are the two collections he has ever been so committed to. Everything else has been sent on its merry way to the next owner.

        Now, my son is 23 and a film school graduate interested in the sci-fi genre. Although not yet married, he still is aware that his 2 main collections are stored in our attic, waiting to be handed down, and he’s ready to do just that!

        Somethings are meant to be saved. 🙂

      • You have another great point. Just because they have outgrown some items in this moment, maybe some of them do need to be saved for future generations. I know I’ve thought about this with some of the items they loved but now have outgrown. I think will box them up to save. I think that must have a different energy to have loved items carefully stored vs. boxes of junk. 🙂

  2. They do – just make sure you re-visit them and re-assess their value every so often, or their energy will become stagnant. 🙂

  3. Gotta de-clutter those negative thoughts! Ugh, but sometimes it hurts my brain.

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